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This material is based on a book published first published in the 1930s by East African missionary, Joe Church. It has since been updated and revised by Peter Sammons with a team of contributors. The chapters are arranged in separate studies for individual download from each section. Although relevant to all Christians worldwide, they are particularly suitable for an African readership. There is one study on what the Bible has to say about wine.(Part 45). 

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Group Theme Description and Scope

Explanation of the materialAn outline of the scope and intention of the The Bible Study material.


1 Rebellion and Redemption
The first section covers the basic problem of mankind and what God has done to solve it. The basic problem is sin and by turning to God in repentance and faith we are able to receive the benefits of Christ's atoning sacrifice. Through the gospel we are redeemed, forgiven and justified. Having experienced the gift of a new life, we live in the grace of God. (In eleven parts.)
2 Eternal Life
The Christian is a person who lives a new kind of life - eternal life and is assured of victory over both physical and spiritual death. (In four parts.)
3 Life's Journey
The Christian is someone who is set aside for God's purposes, to live life as a journey of victory despite inevitable temptations. (In five parts.)
4 The Nature of God
The nature of God, our creator can be understood by thinking about His names and attributes revealed in scripture. God the Son became fully human to earn our salvation and after his return to the Father sent the Holy Spirit to live in us and work through us. Life with God is not a matter of law - keeping rules - but rather one of receiving and expressing His love. (In five parts.)
5 The Living Body - The church
The church is the community of Jesus' followers. Prayer is central to their shared life. Jesus' followers are alert to the danger of turning away from the true faith. Every believer has personal access to God through Jesus, the great high priest. Baptism is evidence of true repentance for every Christian, the Lord's supper is part of the shared life of God's people and the call to mission is for every disciple. (In eight parts.)
6 Living in a Foreign Land
In this imperfect world challenges and suffering are inevitable.  Sickness is perhaps the most obvious example. Healing, sometimes miraculous and sometimes through means, is a foretaste of heaven. Christians also experience doubts, the temptation to grow cold, struggles with the sinful nature, and weakness of character such as hypocrisy, false teachings, the challenge to give to others . The trustworthiness of Scripture is the basis on which we meet the opposition of Satan. (In ten parts.)
7 The Future
The ultimate future event is the visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory! Before that however we need to be prepared for persecution and suffering. This is part of God's purpose for preparing and refining his chosen people. Knowing Jesus in his fulness is one way to be equipped for what lies ahead. (In six parts)
8 The Living God
Evidence that Jesus is alive today. (One final part.)


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