Living in a Foreign Land


Our citizenship is in heaven. We live on earth as strangers and pilgrims. This world is not as it should be or as it will be. There is suffering. There are situations and even people that will oppose God's purposes in our lives. But with the help of His word, His Spirit and our brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have what we need to be overcomers. 

Part Title Sections
34 The problem of sufferingBackground
Basic beliefs about how God acts
The righteousness of God and the sinfulness of mankind
Corporate effects: people harm each other
God entered our suffering world
How can Christians deal with personal suffering
35 HealingBackground
In the Old Testament God sometimes granted miraculous healing
Jesus Christ came to bring healing and salvation
After Pentecost
Medicine and the gospel
The Kingdom
36 DoubtBackground
Many people in the Bible struggled with doubts
How to deal with doubts
37 Growing coldBackground
Sixteen things to watch out for so that we do not grow cold spiritually
What is the remedy?
38 The fleshThe flesh is like a burden on a person's back
How is the flesh or sinful nature overcome?
The regenerate person belongs to Christ
- and must no longer walk according to the flesh
39 HypocrisyBackground
Hypocrisy and counterfeit Christianity will be widespread before Christ's return
Counterfeit Christians may masquerade in several guises
40 Leaven (or yeast)Background
New Testament
41 GivingBackground
In the Old Testament
In the New Testament
Dimensions of Christian giving
42 Inspiration of ScriptureBackground
The Bible clearly claims to be God's world to man
This revealing of God's word continues right up to the end of the Bible
The human authors testify
Christ's words witness to the divine authorship
The Bible speaks as having divine authority
There is a solemn warning
43 SatanBackground
Identity and origin
Power of the enemy over believers is strictly limited. What we are to do . . . ?



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