Rebellion and Redemption


Parts 1-11 cover the basic problem of mankind and what God has done to solve it. The basic problem, simply stated, is sin and by turning to God in repentance and faith we are able to receive the benefits of Christ's atoning sacrifice. Through the gospel we are redeemed, forgiven and justified. Having experienced the gift of a new life, we live in the grace of God.

Part Title Sections
Sin Background and definition
The origin of sin - what the Bible says
Sin is universal
The remedy for sin was prepared from the beginning of time
Repentance Background and definition
Confession is to God
Confession is vital
Confession to the one wronged? Confession t other Christians?
Repentance must precede the new birth. Unwillingness to repent blinds a person
God repeatedly warns the unrepentant person
Faith Background and definition
In the Old Testament
In the New Testament
We are saved by grace through faith
Atonement Background and definition
In Old Testament times
Animal sacrifices were in anticipation of the sacrifices of Jesus
Words used to describe the atonement
Sacrifice Background and definition
The Old Testament 
Two things necessary for Atonement under the Law
The New Testament
The sacrifice of Christ for sin of the world was final
Two things necessary for atonement under grace
Christian baptism - a symbol of the cleansing of the hear from sin
Redemption Background and definition
In the Old Testament
The New Testament
The motivating force behind redemption
Justification Background - What is justification?
Justification means more than forgiveness
Justification is entirely a work of grace
We must admit our guilt before the completely righteous judge
The Gospel Background and definition
The promise of a Saviour and Redeemer of the world runs through the Old Testament
Jesus the Messiah, when he came to the world, claimed to fulfil God's promises
Forgiveness Background
Old Testament
New Testament
Forgiveness is by the grace of God
Final thoughts
The New Birth Background
A New Relationship
Grace What does the Bible mean by grace?
The era of grace began in the world with the death and resurrection Christ Jesus
Grace is God's gift to enable mankind to live holy lives
In life we can live under law or under grace
The simplicity and freedom of grace is God's final plan for the salvation of the world
Common grace
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