The Nature of God


In parts 21 to 25...

The nature of God, our creator can be understood by thinking about His names and attributes revealed in scripture. God the Son became fully human to earn our salvation and after his return to the Father sent the Holy Spirit to live in us and work through us. Life with God is not a matter of law - keeping rules - but rather one of receiving and expressing His love.

Part Title Sections
21 God Background
Names by which God is revealed in Scripture
The Bible reveals other aspects of God
22 Christ
The Old Testament
His Holy Life
His Atoning death - the crucifixion
His life giving exaltation
23 The Holy Spirit Background
The Old Testament
The Gospels
From the Day of Pentecost onwards
The work of the Holy spirit
Discernment is needed
Concluding thought - go on being filled with the Spirit
24 Law Background
At Sinai
The Law can never make people righteous before God
Good news!
The grace of God revealed in the gospel is not to be an excuse for careless living
25 Love Background: the different kinds of 'love'
Love within the godhead
Love comes from God
Love in the fellowship: A truly New testament perspective
Our agape love towards God: an essential that is easy to miss!



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