International Bible Training Resources

for pastors in the developing world

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This downloadable collection of resources of various types has been prepared for pastors and leaders in the developing world where resources are both scarce or unaffordable. They have been divided up for printing on just a few pages or for reading on a tablet. They are being made available without charge. Those in wealthier parts of the world are encouraged to purchase them commercially or make a contribution to their production using the links provided. Some of these resource are accessed by links to other recommended websites.

To help you find what you need follow the menus which provide details of the content of each section.

Resources in English

Name/Link Description
The Bible Student50 guided studies on basic Bible teaching for personal or group study or for thematic teaching. Originally produced by Jo Church they were updated and expanded by Peter Sammons and others.
A booklet of 10 chapters by Bob Gordon designed to help those beginning their walk with Jesus. We also have this title available in other languages: Russian, Romanian, Czech, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, German, Nepali, Telegu, Italian, Hungarian. You will find other translated books by Bob Gordon in our Resources in Other Languages section.
What the Bible Teaches on...
Booklets by Emmanuel Oladipo on Health and Healing, Tithes and Offerings and Prayer and Fasting.  A guide to searching the Scriptures to find out what they teach about these vital topics.
A growing collection of audio teaching for listening on-line or download. Speakers include Peter Horrobin (of Ellel Ministries), Michael Eaton and Bob Gordon. Some of these are links to external sites.
Sovereign World Trust regularly sends teaching emails to our subscribers and recipients with access online. This section contains our back-issues. They are written for pastors and other Christian leaders and cover a variety of preaching and teaching subject matter.
A varied collection of postings written by Sovereign World Trust's director Chris Moffett during the Covid season when he was the pastor of a small Baptist Church in Kent.  
A varied collection of postings. From time to time supporters and others point us to helpful articles so we'll be making them available here. The first are a piece on the Resurrection of Jesus by Fred Stainthorpe, a retired church leader and a short ebook on Romans 1-8 by Calvin Eaton.
Journey to Freedom is a one year long daily Bible study available free of charge from Ellel ministries.
Ivan Raskino's book of sermons is an important contribution to gospel-centred daily living. The book provides deep Biblical insight, encouraging people to respond positively to the gospel. This book will help individuals and groups in their daily walk with Christ. We have split the book into 12 sections for ease of reading and download.
The Essentials Series training includes The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership (by Richard Wallis with John Collinson) and The Essentials of an Excellent Christian Marriage (by Richard Wallis with Ranjini Mathew and John & Jo Collinson). Here we include the accompanying books and additional resources.
Additional teaching resources
A new section coming soon


Resources in other languages

Name/Link Description
Books by Bob Gordon  First Steps in the Christian Life - currently available in Russian, Romanian, Czech, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Hungarian, Nepali and German.

The Foundations of Christian Living - currently available in Russian, Tedim ChinNepaliBulgarianPolish and Slovak. Coming soon - translations into French, Latvian and more.

Disciples of Jesus - currently available in Armenian and Nepali. Coming soon - translations into other languages.

Explaining the Cross - currently available in Burmese.
The Bible Student in Swahili
 50 guided studies on basic Bible teaching for personal or group study or for thematic teaching - translated into Swahili by John Madinda. Currently the first 11 are available.
Kufamba Munguva Yokuomerwa
Going Through the Dry Times - in Shona
Chapters translated into Shona.
Many heroes of the faith had to endure wilderness or desert experiences - even Jesus Himself. In this book, James Ryle offers 5 reasons why God 'takes us through the dry times' and explains how to cope with the experience. 


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