What the Bible Teaches on Prayer & Fasting



Fasting is an important Christian discipline. As with many things, it is essential to strike a Biblical balance. On the one hand there is the danger to neglect it. On the other hand the danger  is to overdo it it. Those who do fast may be tempted to feel proud about it. Others may approach it legalistically which brings bondage instead of freedom. This is a topic that requires balanced and careful teaching and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Practised correctly it has the potential to bring great blessing.

To get the full benefit from this guided teaching it is important to look up the verses in the Bible and read them in their context. Best tackled a section at a time, prayerfully, and not to be rushed!

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In these 10 sections Emanuel Oladipo provides a guide to establish what both Old and New Testaments say about prayer and fasting.

Chapter Title Theme
How to get the most from these chapters
1 & 2 What is fasting?
What examples do we have?
What is fasting?
Examples of fasting by individuals
Examples of fasting by communities
3 What did the law teach about fasting? Fasting on the day of atonement
4 What was the practice of the children of Israel? Fasting in repentance
Fasting in mourning
Fasting in seeking God's favour
Fasting on behalf of others
Fasting in national remembrance 
5 How was fasting practiced? Duration
6 What differences resulted from fasting in the OT? Positive difference
No difference
Negative effect
7 What does the NT teach about fasting? The teaching of Jesus
The teaching of the apostles
8 What examples of fasting do we have in the NT? The Pharisees
Anna the Prophetess
Jesus Christ
The apostles
9 Summary In the Old Testament
In the New Testament
10 Conclusion Reasons for fasting
Right attitudes and motives
How to fast
God's will is supreme
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