What the Bible Teaches on Tithes & Offerings



This is a hugely important area of teaching  which is open to misuse as well as the potential for great blessing.

Christians do not live under the law of Moses. Neither do we have a an elaborate temple to maintain. So our giving is different from Old Testament tithing. Certainly we have the poor still with us and church leaders and kingdom activities do depend on finance. So Christians are encouraged to be generous and proportionate givers.

Christians should certainly not be manipulated to give by feelings of guilt. Neither should pastors of the flock pressure their people to give to finance a lavish lifestyle. Neither should God's people be motivated to give in order to receive

Freedom from the law provides the opportunity to go higher than the law being motivated by love and generosity inspired by the Spirit. 

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In these 10 sections Emanuel Oladipo provides a guide to establish what both Old and New Testaments say about tithes and offerings and a New testament pattern for us today.

Chapter Title Theme
How to get the most from these chapters
1 & 2 What are tithes & what are offerings?
What are the first references to tithe in the Bible?

3 What does the law of Moses say about tithes and offerings? Exodus
4 How did Israel keep the law about tithes and offerings? 2 Chronicles
5 & 6 What does the NT say about tithes?
How about tithing for the followers of Jesus?
7 Does this mean Christians are not expected to tithe? The law and Christians
The Patriarchs as an example?
Giving generously
8 What does the NT teach? Encouragement in generous giving
9 & 10 How are these gifts to be used?
What is the punishment for failing to pay?
To support God's work and his workers
The needs of the poor who have no means to help themselves

11 Summary Giving before the law
Giving under the law
Giving in the new Testament
12 Conclusion Our Christian status
Obeying the Spirit
God's richest blessing
Whole Booklet What the Bible Teaches on Tithes & Offerings The whole booklet in 27 pages


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