What the Bible Teaches on Health & Healing


Author's Introduction

The format is a set of Questions and Answers. My prayer is that we shall all have our questions answered sufficiently to enable us to trust God fully for every aspect of our health and healing, and to avoid the frustration and disillusionment which results from a false understanding of God and His promises. 

Emmanuel Oladipo

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Chapter Title Theme
How to get the most from these chapters
1 What causes ill health and what is the cure?
Sin and Satan bring pain and death
Punishment and healing
2 What does the OT teach about illness & healing? Before the Law
According to the Law
3 How did God heal in the OT?  Examples from 1 Samuel, 2Kings and Proverbs
4 What other lessons to we learn about healing in the OT? Personal Healing
National Healing
Conditions for healing
5 Whom did God not heal & why?  2 Chronicles and the prophets
6 What significant prophecies foretell future healing in the OT?  Isaiah, Ezekiel and Malachi
7 What do we know about Jesus Christ's ministry of healing? What types of diseases did Jesus heal?
What link did Jesus Christ make between sin and illness?
What link did Jesus Christ make between healing and faith?
How did Jesus Christ heal the sick?
How did Jesus Christ publicise His healing miracles?
What were the effects of the healing miracles of Jesus Christ on the people?
8 What role did healing play in the ministry of the Apostles? What power did Jesus Christ give His disciples for healing?
How did they use this power when the Master was still with them?
How did they use the power of healing after His death and resurrection?
What did the Apostles teach about healing?
9 & 10 Was everyone healed in the NT?

Is all miraculous healing the work of God?
Did Jesus Christ heal all the sick people He encountered?
Were Jesus' disciples always healed?
Why some are not healed?
Satan sometimes pretends to be an angel of light and heals
11 Summary The source and the cure of ill health
Health and Healing under the Law
The Ministry of Jesus
The Ministry of the Disciples
12 Conclusion General
Old Testament
New Testament
What the Bible teaches on Health & Healing The whole booklet in 32 pages



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