Foundations of Christian Living - Bulgarian


Please follow the chapter title links in the table below for the Bulgarian translations.

Bob Gordon, the internationally renowned Christian author and Bible teacher, wrote this book for both those who are starting out on their journey with Christ, but also for those leaders worldwide who might benefit from a definitive resource which will help them teach the ways of Christ to others.

The book is presented in 50 sections, each containing Key Scriptures, Teaching, Questions and Practical Application.

Section Chapter Title
Introduction  Index & Introduction

Section A
Becoming a Disciple

1 What is a Disciple?

3 What is sin?

4 Repentance: how to deal with sin

5 The blood of Jesus

6Faith for salvation

7 Who we are in Christ

8 Forgiveness and a clear conscience

9 Adoption as sons


11 The person and work of the Holy Spirit

12 All believers are to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Section B

The Foundations of Discipleship

1 The importance of good foundations


3 Faith towards God

4 The doctrine of Baptisms

5 Laying on of hands


7 Eternal judgement

Section C

Understanding the Depth of Discipleship

1 Understanding the cross: the power of the cross

2 Understanding the cross: the mystery of the cross


4 What is love?

5 Brokenness and having a servant heart

6 Trials temptations and suffering for Christ


Section D

Growing as a Disciple

1 Establishing a daily time with the Lord

2 What is the word of God?

3 Studying the word of God


5 Hearing God's voice: principles of guidance

6 Praise and worship

7 Spiritual warfare

Section E

Fruitfulness as a Disciple


2 Understanding fruitfulness: freedom, fruit, power and wisdom

3 Understanding fruitfulness: called to be fruitful

4 Understanding fruitfulness: call and goals


6 Stewardship, sowing and reaping

7 Moving on in faith

Section F

Serving as a Disciple

1 The body of Christ: the Church


3 Authority in the Church

4 Discipline in life and in the Church

5 The Lord's supper


7 Relationships in the world, and the Bible and sex

Section G

Discipling a Disciple

1 The great commission: God's command to make disciples

2 The beginnings of discipleship: leading other people to the Lord





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