Foundations of Christian Living - Russian


Section Chapter Title
Introduction  Introduction & Forward

Section 1
Becoming a Disciple

1 What is a Disciple?

3 What is sin?

4 Repentance: how to deal with sin

5 The blood of Jesus

6Faith for salvation

7 Who we are in Christ

8 Forgiveness and a clear conscience

9 Adoption as sons


11 The person and work of the Holy Spirit

12 All believers are to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Section 2

The Foundations of Discipleship

13 The importance of good foundations


15 Faith towards God

16 The doctrine of Baptisms

17 Laying on of hands


19 Eternal judgement

Section 3

Understanding the Depth of Discipleship

20 Understanding the cross: the power of the cross

21 Understanding the cross: the mystery of the cross


23 What is love?

24 Brokenness and having a servant heart

25 Trials temptations and suffering for Christ


Section 4

Growing as a Disciple

27 Establishing a daily time with the Lord

28 What is the word of God?

29 Studying the word of God


31 Hearing God's voice: principles of guidance

32 Praise and worship

33 Spiritual warfare

Section 5

Fruitfulness as a Disciple


35 Understanding fruitfulness: freedom, fruit, power and wisdom

36 Understanding fruitfulness: called to be fruitful

37 Understanding fruitfulness: call and goals


39 Stewardship, sowing and reaping

40 Moving on in faith

Section 6

Serving as a Disciple

41 The body of Christ: the Church


43 Authority in the Church

44 Discipline in life and in the Church

45 The Lord's supper


47 Relationships in the world, and the Bible and sex

Section 7

Discipling a Disciple

48 The great commission: God's command to make disciples

49 The beginnings of discipleship: leading other people to the Lord


End Note
End Note



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