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Bob Gordon wrote this little book to help those starting out with Jesus. He designed it to be used with a friend, or an "appointed person from the church" or even with a group. The introduction section gives some guidance on how to best use this resource.

When someone becomes a Christian, it is very important that they receive the right kind of help and support. When a baby is born it receives loving care from parents who provide food and protection. The baby is at first especially dependent on its mother for vital nourishmentreplica Rolex . Over the following weeks, months and years it learns to recognise its parents and family. It receives protection from danger and learns to speak and how to live. When a person is "born-again" things work in a similar way.  

Getting started is crucial. It sets a direction and helps with the cultivation of lifelong habits. A good start makes it possible to grow up and become a mature disciple.

Step Title Theme
How to get the most from these chapters
Bible references explained
1 The Work of Jesus
Who was Jesus? 
Eight things Jesus did for us?  
2 For God So Loved The World God's plan
God's son
God's forgiveness
God's answer
Our choice
Life to the full
Our response
God's assurance
Questions and tips
3 I'm Going God's Way Now Following Jesus
Putting God first
God's way holds pleasure and fulfilment
God will show us his way which is the best way
God asks us to live by faith
How do we receive faith?
Can we express our faith in giving?
What about water baptism?
Questions and tips
4 Reading God's Word The need to mature
What to do
Getting direction
What can the word of God do?
Can we trust the New Testament?
Questions and tips
5 Prayer - Two Way Communication Why do we pray?
Where does Jesus fit in?
How should we pray
Right motivation
Pray with a clean heart
Should we pray with others?
Prayer suggestions
Questions and tips
6 Fellowship with Other Christians Fatherhood and adoption
We need each other
God knows you
We need the Church
Part of a body
Worship in the church
It's the people that count
Questions and tips
7 Spirit, Soul and Body The human spirit
The soul
The body
The renewal of your mind
Questions and tips
8 The Power of the Holy Spirit Who is the Holy Spirit?
Why do we need the Holy Spirit?
Is this power available today?
What will the Holy Spirit do to me?
How do we get filled or baptised with the Holy Spirit?
What about tongues?
Are you only filled once? What does the Holy Spirit do for us?
Questions and tips
9 What to Watch Out For Temptation and how to deal with it
What if we do sin?
Jesus can help us
Reap what you sow
Who is satan anyway?
Questions and tips
10 Witnessing Disciples in Action Tell others about the One who saved you
What do I say?
A pattern for witnessing
Pray Be sensitive
You may be mocked, so what!
Questions and tips

End Note & Glossary The following special words defined: 
advocate, assurance, atonement, baptised, Christian, church, conviction, disciple, faith, fellowship, gospel,  grace, justification, prayer, redemption, repentance, righteousness, salvation, saved, saviour, sinful nature,  word of God


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