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Our digital teaching letters are sent out regularly to pastors and libraries in the developing world, together with some links to existing useful resources. They can form a basis for sermons, teaching or reflection in a variety of different contexts. 

Christians & the Old Testament Law

As Christians, we believe that God's word, our scriptures, have been given to us in two parts, the Old and New Testaments. We share the Old Testament with the Jews, to whom we owe so very much, which is one reason why Paul encouraged Gentile congregations to help Jewish Christian congregations struggling with famine. However, the application of this spiritual blessing of the Old Testament scripture to our daily lives is not quite as straightforward as we might think. We cannot read the Bible like a recipe book because it was written to people in very different circumstances to ours. So, we need to think carefully about what the Laws of the Old Testament have to say to us today and how we should apply them. Are they binding, or can we pick and choose? If some are binding, how do we know which ones? Clearly, this cannot be a matter of personal preference and what suits our taste. We need some sound principles.

Series Number
Christians & the Old Testament Law  - part 1
16 May 2024
Chris Moffett takes up the challenge of how we should apply the Old Testament laws today by looking at a few 'real life' examples. He then turns to Galatians and the Galatian 'problem', reflecting on Paul's words. This letter is very instructive because, as part of his response to the Galatian problem, Paul clarified the Christian's relationship to the Old Testament Law of Moses and its requirements, which he calls works of the law. Read more...
Part 2 to follow soon
Part 3 to follow soon

The Christian's Hope for the Future

In this, a 12 part sermon series, Chris Moffett looks at our Christian hope for the future. 

Instalment Title & Number
The Promise - part 1
25 September 2022
The Promise
Welcome to our teaching and preaching series on HOPE, the promise of Jesus' return. In this, our first instalment, we look at what difference this promise should make to our lives today. Read more...
Living in the Gap - part 2
10 October 2022
Living in the Gap
The second in our study / sermon series on HOPE, as we look at living in the time before Jesus' return. Read more...
A Resurrection Body - part 3
1 November 2022
A Resurrection Body
The promise of Jesus' return only brings comfort and makes sense if all believers who have died are raised from the dead. This is precisely what scripture teaches. Paul makes it clear that it is not just those who are alive at the time who will see Him. The dead in Christ will be raised with a new resurrection body. Read more...
The Great Reunion - part 4
18 January 2023
The Great Reunion
We have seen that scripture records the sure promise that the risen Lord Jesus who reigns in heaven, will return to earth. Although the world and God's people have experienced and will experience times of trouble birth pains before this happens, these will be far outweighed by the glory that will be revealed. Read more...
A Day of Reward - part 5
4 February 2023
A Day of Reward
In the first four parts we have seen that The Christian's hope for the future is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was something that the first Christians expected though the details of when, according to Jesus, are only known by God the Father. Meanwhile we live in the gap - a period which is not always easy - a time of birth pains. Christians will be raised and given a new resurrection body, quite different from their former earthly corruptible body. There will be a great reunion between Christ and those who have died and those who are alive at the time of his return. Read more...
A Balanced Response - part 6
12 May 2023
A Balanced Response
A straightforward reading of the New Testament shows that the first followers of Jesus expected Him to return very soon, even though Jesus had made it very clear that only His Father knew the time that would be. Later New Testament writings show that Jesus' followers came to recognise that it was it was probably not quite as soon as they had first expected. They needed to give more attention to living a good life in the here and now. Read more...
The Bride of Christ - part 7
15 June 2023
The Bride of Christ
The stories at the beginning of our Bibles declare that God's intention for humankind was (and indeed still is) to live in a relationship of trust, obedience, and dependence on God, exercising dominion (which implies care) over the earth. For this we are created. Read more...
Jews & Gentiles - part 8
24 July 2023
Jews & Gentiles
In our world today there is both Judaism and the Church, two separate faiths following the same God of Abraham. Jews have likewise spread all over the world, adapting their faith to an era without a Jerusalem temple, maintaining their identity and very often facing persecution and discrimination. This is an astonishing and surprising story. How could this have happened and is that what God intended and planned? Has God given up on his ancient people? Does God intend there to be two separate groups - Israel and the Church? Read more...
Eden Restored & More - part 9
27 September 2023
Eden Restored & More
We have been thinking about the Christian hope for the future and by hope we mean confident expectation rather than sincere wishful thinking. This confidence is grounded in the truth that the God of the Bible, first revealed to the Jewish people and then through Jesus their Messiah-King to the rest of the world, created all things and controls and overrules history. History is moving to the climax purposed and planned by God. Read more...
Birth Pains, Persecution & Prayer - part 10
2 November 2023
Birth Pains, Persecution & Prayer
In Matthew chapter 24, as Jesus and His disciples walked from the temple, He made the prediction that one day the it would be totally destroyed. "Do you see all these things?" he asked. "Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another. Every one will be thrown down." The disciples assumed that Jesus was referring to the end of the age and asked Him the 'when will this be' question. Read more...
The Eradication of Sin, Satan & Suffering - part 11
8 December 2023
The Eradication of Sin, Satan & Suffering
We are nearing the end of our series on the Christian's hope. The Bible looks forward to a time when all sin and suffering will be eradicated including Satan and his hierarchy of accomplices.  Read more...
Putting It All Together - part 12
19 December 2023
Putting It All Together
In our preceding 11 studies we have been thinking about the Christian's hope for the future. In doing so, we have looked back to God's past dealings with mankind as well as forwards. The Christian faith, which we live out day-by-day in the present, is connected both to what God has done in the past and what He will do in the future. Our salvation, rooted in what Jesus has done for us, is something we experience in the here and now, but it will be fully revealed in the future. Read more...

John for Today

In our three-part sermon series on 1 John, Chris Moffett reflects on this short and sometimes challenging letter.

Series Number
1 John for today - part 1
20 July 2022
When was the last time you read through 1 John - that short letter tucked away at the end of the New Testament close to the Book of Revelation? Did it help you? Did you find it easy to follow and to get the message? In the first of a three-part series, we take a closer look at 1 John.
1 John for today - part 2
26 July 2022
In the second of our three-part series, we continue to explore how we might better understand 1 John as we delve back into Biblical times.
1 John for today - part 3
2 August 2022
Our latest teaching letter brings the third and final part of our teaching series on 1 John.

Singular Sermons

In these, our short sermons (which began during the pandemic) Chris Moffett explores a range of Biblical themes and challenges. How might we respond?

Sermon Title
1. Where is God in the pandemic?
9 November 2020
This short piece written at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic poses the question - "What is God saying?" There is no one-size-fits-all answer. God will be using this situation to speak to different people in different ways according to their needs. The important thing is to ask and listen!
2. Feeding the flock
4 December 2020
One of the important responsibilities of a pastor, a spiritual shepherd, is to feed the flock with good teaching. But what to teach? This letter suggests three important perspectives: looking back to what God has done, looking forward to what God has promised for the future, and between them - what God is doing and wants to do in here and now.
3. We serve & worship Him
24 December 2020
In our previous teaching letter, we looked at how God wants us to look back to those things he has done, forward to the things he has promised to do, and up to what he is doing now. Looking backwards is very natural at Christmas season. We look back to the time when God's rescue plan for mankind took a giant step forward but we also look forward to the message of Easter!
4. Coping with criticism
18 January 2021
Experiencing criticism is something that all leaders experience from time to time. It goes with the job!  In his classic book Understanding Leadership, Tom Marshall made some very helpful points on this theme. This letter reviews them and then expands a couple.
5. Leadership & success
23 February 2021
The desire to succeed is universal. People the world over have a strong desire to achieve success. But how is it measured? How should a pastor or Christian leader evaluate his or her success?
6. The parable of the sower
22 April 2021
Parables provoke us to think. They suggest questions. They stimulate our imagination. As we ponder these things, we can receive fresh insight and helpful understanding. In this teaching letter, we consider the parable of the sower and what this story might mean to us today
7. Flawed characters in the Bible
30 June 2021
In our June 2021 teaching letter, we consider some of the more flawed characters in the Bible and what we might learn from God's dealings with such people.
8. Keeping our eyes on the big picture
2 October 2021
In these times of great challenges and struggles, we revisit Genesis chapter 3 as we explore the importance of keeping our eyes on the big picture.
9. The importance of the resurrection
6 November 2021
In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul writes about the resurrection. It seems that there were people saying that there is no such thing. But there is and Paul teaches that it is a matter of first importance 
10. Reflections on the Christmas story
7 December 2021
The story of Christmas is one with which we are very familiar. The opportunity that comes round once a year to focus on it once again can be very helpful, especially when we take time to reflect on it.
11. Please reconcile these two views...
7 February 2022
Following a chance meeting at a teaching conference in Malawi, Chris Moffett considers the challenge of addressing difficult issues with Biblical insight.



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