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These postings were originally produced for a church website in a Kent village, most of them, though not all, during the Covid season when  people were coming to terms with the pandemic. The intended readership was both Christian and non Christian, churchgoer and non-churchgoer. Some of them have found their way onto the Trust's website for supporters and potential supporters. They may have something to say in a wider context.

Part Title Theme
1 A time for war... Some Christians feel uncomfortable with war language, after all, didn't Jesus come as the prince of peace? Yes, he did. But Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a time for war and a time for peace.  Warfare language certainly has a place as we set our minds to confront the challenge to our health and our economic well-being. So, what is our primary and best weapon? Read on...
2 An upside to lockdown In a season of lockdown with considerable restrictions on moving around and mixing with other people, are there any positives? Certainly, the negatives are very real for many people and they are very obvious and indeed painful and inconvenient.  In this short reflection, Chris Moffett suggests that there is a positive. God is providing us with an opportunity to reflect on some important issues. What are they? And will we take the opportunity? rolex falsi
3 Wait upon the Lord There's a beautiful promise in Isaiah 40:30-31 for those who feel that they have run-out of energy. The promise is that strength will return to those who wait upon the Lord. But what does it actually mean to wait upon the Lord? By considering a number of ways in which this verse is translated from the original Hebrew, a picture emerges...
4 Scientists and Historians In the Covid season, the contribution of scientists to our wellbeing is uppermost in our minds. The government tells us that they are following the science!  But what about historians, those who look back to the past, have they got anything useful and important to say to us? Chris suggests that they have...
5 When I consider your heavens... When we contemplate the vastness of the universe, it's easy to see ourselves as very insignificant. And yet the Bible says, "Not so!" The infinite omnipotent God loves us and want us to know and experience his care. For many this is not the case. It is not something that come through the exercise of talent or effort. And yet there are things we can do to position ourselves for God to reveal Himself to us and open our eyes? Here are just four ...
6 In times of great distress There are times in life when our backs are against the wall. We are facing situations of great challenge and distress. How can we pray at such times? The Psalms of lament, such as Psalm 89, offer us a pattern. Shot through with honest pain, they provide a template for us. They help us to align our attitudes and words with God and his promises, and to hold on with confidence that he is faithful...
7 Water into wine This is a response to a sincere but skeptical lady's question. "Do I have to believe that Jesus really turned water into wine?" How would you answer this question?
8 Leaders and leadership Leadership styles are many and varied. Certainly different situations and contexts require different kinds of leader with particular skills and abilities. But are there any attributes that are common to all good leaders? This is important in situations where leaders are appointed or chosen by others. The Bible places great emphasis on the character of leaders. It is very honest about some of the flawed characters of the past - such as Jeroboam - Solomon's son. So what should we be looking for and expecting from our leaders?
9 Father's Day In the USA and the UK there is an annual tradition of acknowledging and celebrating fatherhood. And it is very natural for Christians to reflect on the fatherhood of God - our Heavenly Father and his great love for us. 
10 Pressing on and growing up As followers of Jesus, God expects us to grow. That applies individually and in our corporate lives. The New Testament has some strong exhortations about pressing on to maturity. In the natural word, growth occurs in spurts - times of great progress and others where not a lot seems to be happening. One of the things that helps us to grow is times of adversity and challenge. So if you're finding life challenging, read this... 
11 Prayer life- staying on track Nobody finds prayer easy! When his disciples asked for teaching on how to pray, Jesus gave them a prayer which we know as the Lord's prayer. Praying this through with pauses to expand on the different sentences is one way to keep our praying relevant, focussed and in line with God's will..
12 Holding your balance "As sorrowful yet always rejoicing," wrote Paul about himself. Seems a bit schizophrenic? In fact, the Christian life contains many opposing truth-pairs in balance - and to be strong we need to learn how to hold both aspects together in tension. In the same way as our arm muscles work in opposite directions so that we can hold-on to things firmly, these balances make us strong...
13 Get behind me Satan!!
The surprising thing about these words of Jesus is that they were spoken to one of his disciple-friends - Peter. They were certainly not spoken in a very British manner! " Actually Peter, old chap, you're wrong on this. Let me explain..." So why did Jesus see the need to rebuke Peter so strongly? And here's an uncomfortable thought, might He feel the need to rebuke us on occasions? If we are serious in our discipleship, it's a question worth pondering...
14 May (your) God go with you this Christmas Words spoken by a British television entertainer convey more meaning than he may have been aware of... and a request for prayer for those living in the prosperous parts of the world where Christmas is celebrated, yet some Christians feel uncomfortable with some of what it has become.


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