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This website is part of the UK based ministry Sovereign World Trust (SWT).

Now approaching its 25th year, SWT has published a number of Bible teaching books under its IBTB imprint (International Biblical Teaching Books). They have been produced specifically to serve the needs of the growing Christian church in those parts of the world where resources are scarce and unaffordable.

They reflect a Biblical balance of both Word and Spirit. They are practical in application. They use uncomplicated language with culturally relevant illustrations. Our books are being distributed free of charge in over 140 of the world's poorest nations.

Until very recently, IBTB books have been unobtainable in the UK and other parts of the English speaking world where people are in a position to pay for them. Now they are being made available for sale through this website and the income generated used to develop more books and associated resources for the poorest nations.

By purchasing IBTB titles you will benefit not only yourself but also others in parts of the world facing spiritual malnutrition. Thanks for visiting!

Cameroon Library

From Cameroon - a small hanging library